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Adapted for Marquee

Adapted for Theatre

Adapted for Street Performance


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Below and above are only words, gravity does not exist, height is measured by imagination.

A tale told with the language of the circus, a journey through fantasy. Learn to dance with your dreams. An aerial acrobatic and theater-circus show.

Dragging along a giant trunk, in a cloud of dust and time yellowed paper, appears Maldimar. Poised between a cartoonish figure and a guttersnip, she invites the spectator to enter into a fantasy world, made of ropes and knots, of every day magic, of gears that do not know what they are moving. Simple gestures that, seen through the eyes of a child, turn into spectacular and majestic acrobatics. Taking even adults into innocent amazement. Below and above are only words,  gravity does not exist and height is measured by pure imagination.

In the world of a child everything makes sense, united by the unique thread of the imagination. Even when alone there is always an imaginary friend ready to play with you. Humor, poetry, improvisation with the public and aerial acrobatics with ropes are the elements that fill the world of Maldimar. For 30 minutes the spectator will feel part of that, afterwards  returning with both feet on the ground and a smile on your face!

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