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Insomnia in creazione


  • Insomnia: A Dream Journey into the Circus Theatre

  • Winner of the ACCI ProudAct 2024 Call

Get ready to immerse yourself in a unique experience with Insomnia, the new production of Teatro nelle Foglie. In an eternal night, between dream and reality, you will discover a world suspended between half-sleep and limbo.

A Visual and Sensory Experience
Expressive Movements: A narrative that goes beyond words.
Scenography Viva: An environment that transforms before your eyes.

Emotional Impact: A journey into the depths of the human mind.

A meeting between theater and circus

Insomnia combines puppetry and physical theater with circus art and magie nouvelle, creating an unforgettable sensory experience.

An Invitation to Mystery

Let yourself be carried away by the lightness of the clown and experience a dreamlike adventure that will make you explore the depths of the mind.

Don't Miss This Adventure

Come and discover what lies behind the doors of Insomnia. Book now and let yourself be enveloped by the magic!


  • Nicolas Benincasa,
    Argentinian, clown, actor, creator and director of this show

  • Marta Finazzi,
    Genoese, aerial acrobat and actress of this show

  • Damian Fiore,
    Uruguayan, actor, acrobat and stage technician of this show

  • Lilou Cuny,
    French, tightrope walker and contortionist of this show

Adapted for Marquee

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