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Kairòs is a contemporary circus show with a high acrobatic and visual component, which leads into a dreamlike dimension made of ropes, and surprising scenography. Moving between hourglasses, sails and wreckage, the characters and spectators enter a time-space in which imagination can express itself freely and travel like a sailing ship on a distant sea.

Kairòs is a show designed and created specifically for the chapiteau of Teatro nelle Foglie which combines the strength of the circus, the improvisation of street theater and the poetry of puppet theatre. Born during the pandemic period, it focuses on a current issue on which the lockdown has forced everyone to reflect: that of time and its perception. In the extended time that each of us has lived, artists have been able to allow themselves the luxury of looking in the mirror and embarking on a journey within themselves, meeting their desires and hopes, but also their fears and nightmares.


Company origin: Italy

Artists' origin: Argentina, France, Italy, Uruguay

with: Elena Fresch, Marta Finazzi, Nicolas Benincasa, Damian Fiore Giralt, Lilou Cuny, Lorenzo Latini. Scenography by Nicolas Benincasa, with the support of Premio Emilio Vassalli 2021.


Show created with the support of: IdeAgorà, Performing Lands, Cirko Vertigo Foundation, Municipality of Casola in Lunigiana. Teatro nelle Foglie production 2021

Original idea, direction, production Teatro nelle Foglie Thanks to Leandre Ribera and Mario Gumina

Contemporary circus genre

Duration 60'

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