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street-, theater- and marquee shows

TnF is a traveling cultural center: a circus tent that hosts shows, workshops and occasions for social gathering. We believe in theater-circus and scenic arts as a tool for social and cultural transformation, performing and producing performances on all levels for all audiences.


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Introducing a performance beyond time, the discovery of a new world or is it the rediscovery of an old one? A reality to explore and lose ourselves in. Taking us on a journey to find our own way, our own place of belonging, our own identity.​

Two shadows rise up from the ground, as memories from a long gone past that reappear. These characters are passengers on a raft that sails through time. They are disconnected from physical or metaphorical meaning and transport us without words inside a unique performance called "Ballata d'Autunno".

When the dark and degraded suburb where the characters initially land, seemingly turns into a forest, they are separated from each other by the wind. Apart from one another, they now have to find their own way, their own place of belonging and their own identity. 

The public embarks on the discovery of a new world, presenting them with a new reality to explore but not uncover. A reality in which they might lose them selves though maybe there was never a destination. 


A 60 minutes show full of strong images, with sharp contrasts of light and shadow, warm and cold colors, loud silences and sharp melodies. 

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This performance is brought to you in a language we all understand because El Niño del Retrete expresses the child within.

Thus inviting the public into his humorous world to discover a show full of emotion and unusual games played by a delirious character. Humor, acrobatics, the musical rhythm perfectly adjusted to the acts and a great deal of participation by  the public make a full 40 minutes of laughter.


The show "Cartoon Toylette" is suitable for all audiences and has presented at numerous international festivals in: Spain, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Portugal Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, France Holland, Belgium, Poland, New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Colombia, Russia, Finland and China.

1° Prize Audience “ Buitenkans” Enschede Netherlands

2º Prizeo Jury “ Buitenkans” Enschede Netherlands

1º Prize “Gaukler Festival” Attendor Germany

1º Prize “V Competition Street Art” Zaragoza Spain

“Artist Revelation” Award Cordoba Argentina

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foto: Martina Houdek

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Below and above are only words, gravity does not exist, height is measured by imagination.

A tale told with the language of the circus, a journey through fantasy. Learn to dance with your dreams. An aerial acrobatic and theater-circus show.

Dragging along a giant trunk, in a cloud of dust and time yellowed paper, appears Maldimar. Poised between a cartoonish figure and a guttersnip, she invites the spectator to enter into a fantasy world, made of ropes and knots, of every day magic, of gears that do not know what they are moving. Simple gestures that, seen through the eyes of a child, turn into spectacular and majestic acrobatics. Taking even adults into innocent amazement. Below and above are only words,  gravity does not exist and height is measured by pure imagination.

In the world of a child everything makes sense, united by the unique thread of the imagination. Even when alone there is always an imaginary friend ready to play with you. Humor, poetry, improvisation with the public and aerial acrobatics with ropes are the elements that fill the world of Maldimar. For 30 minutes the spectator will feel part of that, afterwards  returning with both feet on the ground and a smile on your face!


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