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Teatro nelle Foglie is a traveling cultural space that creates, produces, stages, and distributes circus-theater plays.


Under our marquee, we blend shadow theater, mime, aerial acrobatics, dance, object manipulation, and clownery, merging circus with street theater's improvisation and the poetry of puppetry.

Marta Finazzi - ImmaginAria

 Marta Finazzi 

Genoa, IT - 1987

Street artist, theater-circus actress, scenarist and teacher of the aerial disciplines

Elena Fresch - Kairos

 Elena Fresch 

Pordenone, IT - 1982

Street-, circus- and theatre artist, acrobat and clown

Nicolas Benincasa - La Dolce Follia

 Nicolas Benincasa 

Buenos Aires, ARG - 1979

Street artist, clown, mime, juggler, acrobat,

theater-circus actor, scenografist and musician

Lilou Cuny

Lilou Cuny

Apt, FR - 2001

Theater-circus artist, tightrope walker and acrobat

Lorenzo Latini

Lorenzo Latini

Florence, IT - 1989

Filmmaker, light, video and audio technician, video game developer

Damian Fiori - Insomnia

Damian Fiori Giralt

Montevideo, UY - 1978

Dancer, mime

and acrobat

Our story

In the age of take away and coffee-to-go, the entertainment world is ready for an innovation: the pret-a-porter theater. An itinerant theatrical structure, an instant cultural center that appears out of nowhere, disguised as a circus tent.

But make no mistake, for this is not circus. There are no animals to welcome you, nor cotton candy to make your fingers stick. What meets the eye is indeed a marquee, just a tad more special: it is a theater in the leaves. A theater that can be set up on a lawn, in a square or amongst the park trees. An itinerant theater, located in the heart of the city, offers its little world of poetry, time and time again.

Debuto Tendone

Four multifaceted artists are the engine of this project. Between them are decades on the scene as clowns, actors, acrobats and years at the service of storytelling through images. They are set designers, authors, directors and street artist always at level with the public.Today they feel ready to take the next step, to give life to a bigger and more ambitious project: no longer to bring only their own shows on stage, but to generate the container in which their own works and other works can be circuited .
To become cultural operators with a proper theater. With a small peculiarity: the theater in question changes address every two weeks and goes where ever the winds may carry it.

Teatro nelle Foglie is composed of
Elena, Marta, Matteo and Nicolas. Four street artists, four circus performers, four clowns, four millers of miles, four event organizers, four friends so reckless as to decide to believe in their dreams.

TnF is a traveling cultural center: a circus tent that hosts shows, workshops, occasions for social gathering.
We believe in theater-circus and scenic arts as a tool for social and cultural transformation.
We believe in the good example that the circus can give to younger people, introducing them to a healthy, participatory and active society.

There are many Italian municipalities that are not equipped with the appropriate infrastructure to offer their population a cultural and artistic program, and this is perhaps one of the elements that leads more and more young people to abandon the provinces to go live in the city, where the entertainment and cultural offer is more accessible. Decentralising culture can be a way to bring the provinces back to life.

Taking inspiration from the traditional circuses that travel from country to country, TnF wants to reinterpret this modality according to current needs.

Thus proposing not only a traveling show, but a complete itinerant cultural space. Carrying along a proposal for cultured entertainment, with real artistic value that speak to young people without falling into the general commercialisation of todays entertainment industry, or giving priority to the artistic and cultural interest of a proposal rather than its ease.

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