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 Nicolas Benincasa 

Buenos Aires, ARG - 1979

Street artist, clown, mime, juggler, acrobat,

theater-circus actor, scenografist and musician

His sharp and desecrating humor aims to amuse adults, but equally seizes to enchant children through the universal language of gestures.

He cleverly uses playback, music and manipulation of objects to mock himself as well as men in general.


Born and raised in the city of Buenos Aires, Nico enters the circus scene at a very young age. Still in high school, when he begins working as a street artist and establishing his very first company in 1998.

From the beginning of his career he predominantly devotes himself to the art of mime and the search for his inner clown. Later, in 2003, “El Niño del Retrete”  presents his foremost solo show, “Cartoon Toylette”.  The show becomes an instant success, allowing him to tour all around the world, explore and participate to  international festivals, thus obtaining various awards in Argentina, Spain, Holland and Germany.

Simultaneously he dedicated himself to the art project “Famiglia Barton", a comical show-concert band, as well as "Caries", an experimental music band with strong theatrical connotations.


At the moment Nico resides between Spain and Italy. In Barcelona he founded and manages a small independent theater called “El OttO”, a place of creation for circus and scenic arts.

In Italy he directs the artistic collective “Circo Patuf”, a contemporary circus company with chapiteau, born in 2009 and now prominent in the Italian scene thanks to the circus theater show “In Alto Mare” debuted in 2015.

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